dunder mifflinites.

because we're all mifflinites at heart.

what is a jim?
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W E L C O M E to M I F F L I N I T E S ;

a community dedicated to loving the office.

R U L E S ;

common courtesy is a must.
respect the opinions of others.
please place any spoilers behind an LJ-cut.
instigators, trolls and rudey-schmudies will be banned. this is a happy place!

P O S T I N G ;

feel free to post any of the following:

icons (post a preview of no more than 4 icons, with a link or LJ-cut to the rest of the batch)
fanfic (post title, author, rating, summary, spoilers, pairing, with a link or LJ-cut to the fic itself)
discussions (please stay on topic)
wallpapers and other graphics
any news you've found regarding the office
(please remember to put any spoilers behind an LJ-cut)

A F F I L I A T E S ;

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& E N J O Y !